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Set of 5 boho style rainbow embroidery designs in two styles, from small satin stitch style, to large fill stich style.

This is a embroidery machine digital design pattern to be used for yourself for your own projects.
You are welcome to use this file to make items to sell for your own business but you may not copy, sell or share the actual design file, or alter it for resale.


extra small 
height 34.0 mm
width  50.0 mm
stitches 2,051
6 color pattern


height 41.0 mm
width  60.3 mm
stitches 2,523
6 color pattern


height 51.3 mm
width  74.9 mm
stitches 4,870
6 color pattern


height 64.9 mm
width  94.8mm
stitches 7,183
6 color pattern


height 85.3 mm
width  124.8mm
stitches 11,318
6 color pattern


Please ensure your machine and frames is suitable for the above sizes.

You will need an embroidery machine and a way to transfer the files from your computer to your embroidery machine.
You will receive a zipped folder containing the embroidery files that you can then extract and save to your computer along with the run sheets with information relating to the designs.

Please ensure your embroidery machine is compatible for one of the following files
Please message me should you require any other format before purchase.

This is a digital download of the actual design listed and not a patch. sample photo shows how embroidered file would look when embroidered.
This is an instant download file and has no shipping costs

As this is a digital download i will not be able to offer refunds.

i always recommend you use at least two good quality tear away stabilizer when embroidering this file
please note i do not recommend you resize designs in the above formats unless you have the appropriate software to do so, as this might result in the designs integrity being damaged, resulting in a lesser quality stitch out. 

Boho Rainbow embroidery design. 5 sizes

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